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H A N N A H + R Y A N

It’s been a while since my last post, which I suppose you could say is a good thing as I’ve been very busy with a combination or design and photography work. But I had to make time to do this post about my first wedding…

Prior to the wedding I met up with the bride and groom to do a pre-wedding shoot while the sun was setting over Cuerden Valley. These shoots are a great opportunity for me to meet the bride and groom and help them to get relaxed and comfortable in front of the camera, whilst getting some beautiful photos at the same time. We walked through Cuerden Valley, past a wheat field, which was our main spot for the golden hour shots, and it did not disappoint.

On Hannah and Ryan’s wedding day I met them at the reception after the church as I didn’t want to get in the way of their other photographer and videographer and photographed between 12.30pm and 5.30pm.

I was lucky enough to photograph Hannah and Ryan’s woodland wedding at Spring Cottage, Rivington… and what a beautiful spot it was. They had put so much thought into the little details and the decorations of their venue for their wedding day that the theme was prominent, which was reflected on their photos.

Hannah and Ryan made my job very easy as they are both very photogenic and Hannah looked absolutely stunning in her dress… which had pockets! I know right… best thing ever! The guests were great too, everyone was so friendly and happy for me to hide in the corner and snap away at them in laughter and tears during the speeches.

During the pre-wedding photoshoot the couple told me about the lengths they were willing to take to warn off rain on their wedding day. Hannah explained about the tradition of burying a Child of Prague in your garden (this is a doll like statue/figure before you start worrying they buried an actual child) to avoid rain on your wedding day. Unfortunately this theory didn’t work, and it did rain. Because it was a mainly an outdoor wedding I was worried this would effect the day and the photos, but it certainly didn’t! And it didn’t dampen Hannah and Ryan’s spirits either. The sun did make plenty of appearances too, and the guests made the most of this by getting outside and enjoying the extra bits Hannah and Ryan put on, from the giant games, to the beer wheelbarrow and Pims Shed.

Being a part of this wedding has only made me want to photograph more weddings, there is such a sense of love and happiness around the day. The guests are all in high spirits and the kids getting to dress up as princesses for the day. A wedding day is all about the bride and groom and their loved ones around them, and it really makes me want to capture those special moments and tell the story of these very special days. The photos I take are there so the bride and groom can look back and remember every inch of this magical experience, and all those epical people that were a part of it.


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