• Emily Robinson

Return to Berlin

My husband and I have just returned from a 3 day trip to Berlin, and this place always amazes me. Although this was a leisure trip I used this trip to source inspiration, taking in every part of this quirky city in. We stayed at the Indigo Hotel, Alexanderplatz which I would definitely recommend. The location to the underground and overground was ideal for exploring this crazy city and the hotel and room was beautiful too.

Every part of Berlin is artwork... On our first day we explored the social scene and went to plenty of bars, but every bar had its own quirky style and artwork plastered all over the walls. The toilets from each venue was even a work of art in themselves, from event posters layered on top of each other to graffiti filled walls with not even a single inch covered. One bathroom even had instructions on how to use the toilet, some people must of clearly been doing something wrong. We visited the Monkey Bar which is on the 12th floor of a hotel that overlooks Berlin Zoo, if you like delicious cocktails, great decor and heights then this is definitely one to visit.

On our second day we visited the museum of illusion, which really was a trippy place. There was so much to see and take part in, and take confusing photos of each other. I sat on the ceiling in one room and my husband became beheaded on a plate on a table. Everything was a trick of the eyes and carefully placed scenarios creating optical illusions.

On our third day we took in the culture of Berlin and visited the more historical area of Friedrichstraße. The comparison of the characteristic filled buildings to the street art is what Berlin is known for, and it really is something else. We slowly strolled back to Alexanderplatz taking in everything around us, I was particularly interested in the event posters. They would layer and layer posters on top of each other without removing the one before, I couldn't work out whether is was laziness or part of the quirky style of Berlin. Once returning to the hotel we had a very relaxed night after a busy day in preparation to flying home the next day.

Until next time Berlin, it was a pleasure as always.


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